Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hades freezes over -- and over

Oh January. You're so new, yet get old so quickly.

We're up to our armpits in younger daughter's summatives. (For non-Ontarians, they're the projects due at the end of each semester in high school, in January and June.) The hot-water heater is not working and it turns out be the breakers, so after a visit from the hot-water-tank guys this afternoon, we're due to have the electrician in tomorrow morning. We've had a bit of freezing rain, followed by unseasonably warm days which have melted the piles and piles of snow from before and after Christmas so that rivulets stream across the driveways and sidewalks which freeze over night, while the dog poop that so many people have failed to pick up is being inexorably revealed.

No end in sight until April at the earliest and not even then.

Dammit. Here's some pictures I took before it got ugly. I'm going to bed.


Winnie said...

Brrrr! Great pics. Hope your repairs got made ok. Here in NYC it was also unseasonably warm, but the problem now is that it is supposed to be a deep freeze next week, and they wonder why everyone is so sick?

JoeinVegas said...

I remember that white stuff, and how it crunched underfoot when really cold. Your breath in the air, and not feeling your fingers or toes until you went inside and then they tingled from the warm.